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I get an 'apikey' error when trying to use IBM personality insight. 

It's most likely that you are not giving the right API keys for IBM personality Insights. Can you take a look at the Help page (Click Help button at the top bar), and read through section "How do I access IBM Personality Insights?" and "Where can I find IBM Personality Insights credentials?"


I do not find the API under the Services tab in the Dashboard of IBM Cloud (please see attached). Can you please look into this? Thank you.

Inside BAE tool, please look at the documentation section entitled: How do I access IBM Personality Insights?
And then the sub-menu under that entitled: How to get Personality Insights onto the IBM Cloud platform?
The reason you are not seeing it in the dashboard is that you have not created the actual service first via this above step.


I keep getting this error code: Twitter error response: status code = 429

That error code means that there are too many requests to Twitter coming from that account.  Please wait 15 minutes to try again. Meanwhile, make sure you are not pulling in Twitter data from anywhere other than the Macroscope simultaneously.

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